About us


Our history

Ice House Netherlands is the Dutch office of a  mobile app and platform developer from Jakarta, with offices in Singapore, Sydney, Pasadena, and Amsterdam. The company was founded in 2012 and is the first Google certified agent in South East Asia. In the Netherlands we focus on e-commerce concepts. Ice House e-commerce concepts can be procured with or without our further involvement in hard- and software. Our model is a licenced platform with monthly fees and SLA, but we also design and develop tailormade concepts, and we align business models and business cases.


Mobile apps and platforms O2O

We design and develop apps and platforms to support our concepts, in iOS and Android. For solutions in Microsoft Xamarin we work with a strategic partner, Convidad in Barcelona. For the all important hardware in O2O, such as digital mirrors, we work with selected partners. This hardware usually has an important software component, aligning with our original background in software development. This also goes for IoT applications. Furthermore, we work with a fixed set of white label apps, our own as well of those of partners, to apply within our concepts. An example is Ice House's augmented reality app.


Program 2018

Our 2018 program is around on a set of concepts: Scan to buy, Window shopping, Fitting room PoS, and Shopping in Style. We work with retailers, brands, retail real estate owners, and communities such as shopping streets and municipalities. We have our own supporting programs for organisation development, human capital development and for e-commerce marketing, aligning with change in organisations to optimise the O2O opportunities. Focus is on data and content management, and personas. 


Program 2019

This year we introduce our solutions with Scan to pay, with focus on new points of sale and vending machines with stock in excess of 2,000 items (200-400 SKU) in categories such as emergency products, food & beverage, beauty & skin care, daily groceries, seasonal products, selected products, and emergency medicines - and add services such as movie tickets, ads, and other information. Also, we continue our preparations for the 2020 Circular program. 


Program 2020

The circular economy is the next focus in retail and blockchain is its technology.  

Ice House is working on blockchain solutions for logistics and supply chain, including Internet of Things. 


Program for property owners and communities

We have designed O2O concepts for retail property such as malls and shopping streets in a Connectivity platform, and interactive Christmas fairs with customer engagement and loyalty. 

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