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Ice House Netherlands is the Dutch office of the mobile app and platform developer from Jakarta, with offices in Singapore, Sydney and Amsterdam, and the first Google certified agent in South East Asia. The Dutch office, founded in 2017,  has a focus on e-commerce concepts, that align with business models.


Mobile apps and platforms O2O

We design and develop mobile apps and platforms to support our concepts. For O2O hardware, such as digital screens and mirrors, we work with selected partners. This hardware usually has an important software component, aligning with our original background in software development. This also goes for IoT applications. 


Program 2017 - The Ice Mirror

In 2017 we designed a digital mirror and prepared our program around on a set of concepts: Scan to buy, Window shopping, Fitting room PoS, and Shopping in Style. We work with retailers, brands, retail real estate owners, and communities such as shopping streets and municipalities. We have our own supporting programs for organisation development, human capital development and for e-commerce marketing, aligning with change in organisations to optimise the O2O opportunities. Focus is on data and content management, and personas. 


Program 2018 - Scan to buy and Scan to pay

In 2018 we introduced our solutions with Scan to buy, with focus on new points of sale such as interactive mannequins, vending machines with robotics and unmanned 24/7 kiosks. Also, we continue our preparations for the  2019  Ice Store program, the 2020 Supply chain program and the 2021 Circular program. 


Program 2019 - The Ice Store and The Ice Academy

In 2019 we introduce our first retail concept centre and retail formula

The Ice Store, around the Customer Experience.

Our store concept has grown from a technology, retail and payments background into a B2B2C and D2C platform with a focus on shopping malls. 

Check out interactive Christmas fairs,  interactive mannequins, and more.

Discover your potential in our retail training and workshops centre

The Ice Academy. 


Program 2020 - The reversed supply chain

The circular economy is the next focus in retail, but how to create the plan? 

Sustainability  and Circularity

** Coming soon **


Program 2021 - Blockchain in the supply chain

Direct to consumer, Business to business, Business to consumer.... How to make all this work in the supply chain, the business model, and how to contribute to sustainability.  Ice House is working on solutions for the supply chain, including blockchain and Internet of Things. 

The Customer Journey

** Coming soon **

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