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RibbonWood - 10s (10 steps) for successful implementation

RibbonWood is a boutique consultancy firm specialized in transformation management by behavioural change. We make things really happen. With a focus on the end result and not on the intermediate reports. We trust on Change Management 10S. RibbonWood's own unique approach based on best practices in the market place and methods/concepts like Lean, MSP, Scrum, 4DX, Agile and Kotter. 10S is a unique combination of bottom-up change (queeste, with people, flexibility, grow) and top-down control (business case, goal setting, monitoring, make).

We do not believe in dogmatism but work with only 6 principles  

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Stichting DVC - Golden Box method

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Vondijck interim management

With a wide-ranging experience in retail business, highly successful in maximising net conversion, local market share, customer satisfaction and personnel productivity, Vondijkck’s model is perfect to align management, new technology and business processes.

Vondijck’s focus is on :  Reorganizations Cost savings Change Management E-commerce strategy Marketing Set up (new) organization structures