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This app is revolutionary in the hospitality industry

With the innovative order app from Woby, your guests can easily place an order themselves. With this you emphasize your hospitality and give your guests an extra choice and more service.


Your guests will therefore order more often and faster and you can focus more on a personal experience for your guest. This hospitality app is low-threshold, because your guest does not have to create an account.

You can get started within one day, because the Order app is easy to connect to any POS system. This means that you do not have to invest in extra equipment. The use of MyWaiter is even free up to 50 orders per month.

The Digital Concierge


All your personal tips in a handy app 

Imagine, all your favourite restaurants, bars and attractions, but also hotel information at your guests’ fingertips whenever they need it. Including navigation and the useful “Take me home” button. Great for all kinds of accommodations, rental agencies and property managers. It helps your guests to feel at home and answers many daily questions. 

100% offline, easy and free for your guests 

Your guests can use the app and its’ built in navigation without internet when they go around! For a very affordable, fixed annual subscription and the app is free for your guests. There are no hidden costs or other surprises and the app is free for your guests. The app will give you more time and will add to your service level. Building the app is easy, no technical knowledge is needed. 

Go Here


GoHere: Travel Tips you can Trust

Tourist books and city apps enough... But where do you get the most valuable tips when you travel? Exactly, from your friends! It is way more fun to get tips from people you know. This way tips are more relevant and you know that it's not a commercial tip.

GoHere is THE app for travel tips for and by friends. Together you can share and review the best places! With the nearby button you always know if there are nice places for you in the area.

GoHere offers travel organizations the opportunity to launch an app with their travel tips for customers, within their corporate identity. You know better than anyone else which tips are suitable for your customers!