Scan to buy

Looking to improve O2O conversion?

Scan to buy connects your ad with your webshop

Scan to buy is the first step in our launch of a ground breaking shopping experience, offering a seamless experience to customers, breaking the barriers from online to offline and from in-shop to web shop. Whether starting online or offline is not really important, what matters is how customers experience the shop and brand. Loyalty, trust and user experience do not restrict to fashion retail only, but apply anywhere in O2O, such as supermarkets, hospitality, beauty & wellness, and automotive. 

Scan to buy facilitates a new ecosystem

In our ongoing search we offer additional supporting solutions for brands, retail and real estate, including business models with performance dashboards and IoT. 

How it works

Buy now or buy later. Buy now means being directed to the webshop of the retailer, and complete the transaction. Buy later means taking the time and review selected items. The products you view on site in the shop are kept in your profile. Later at home you can browse through the various products from your comfy couch. Still having doubts about that beautiful shirt? At home you can continue your purchase. 

Once all product specifics have been selected on screen, the customer can scan the presented QR code to continue the order process from their mobile phone.

** Unlock potential with our solutions **

Personal ID token

The seamless experience starts with obtaining a personal token. Our solution centres around today’s most personal device, our smart phone or smart watch.

From the Google Play or App Store, our mobile app is downloaded and a personal profile is created. Personal and privacy sensitive data is stored in the app only. From this point onward, the mobile app is used as your identity token giving access to your online and in-shop experiences.

In our solution your personal identity is known on the mobile phone only, which makes it very easy to have the selected product home delivered, or to continue the payment process without the necessity to enter all sorts of details. Also, the privacy of the customer is protected.