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The Ice Academy

The retail training centre (Dutch and English)


Discover your potential



Neuro marketing

Content management

Connecting online and offline

Create the hybrid online onsite shopping centre

Data management


From data to actions

Data driven decisions

The best customer experience

Organisation development


Vision and strategy management

Competency development

Strategic workforce planning

The reversed supply chain


Zero waste Food waste

The sustainable circularity centre 

The role of the barcode standard 

Blockchain in the supply chain

Business development


An inpiration boost for your business

Build a successful business

The golden team

VR learning


Virtual reality

Augmented reality 

Artificial intelligence 

Smart sensoring 

Program 2020 - The Ice Academy for retail

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Create a WOW in your store

How to work with data

What is neuromarketing and how does it work?

What are the steps towards sustainability?

From conversation to conversion

How to implement change

Attitude and behaviour 

Strategic workforce planning

VR learning