Ice House Netherlands is designing an interactive shopping concept, The Ice Store.

Opening soon 

FMCG platform solutions


FMCG platform solutions

Digital Winter Wonderland


Our latest solution with options for Loyalty * Coupons * Wayfinder * Shopping routes * Scan to buy

The Ice Mirror


Show your lookbook in the fitting room with The Ice Mirror. Improve conversion by connecting online and offline with Scan to buy on the mirror. Expand your proposition with upselling and cross selling. 

Our diamond quality mirror with Scan to buy  shows an amazing reflection on site. Everyone automatically looks at a mirror, leading to 25–30% extra attention value compared to a regular screen. Improve customer experience by using cameras to show how clothes look from the back, thus adding to brand identity. 

Augmented reality


Engage with the exciting opportunities of augmented reality, an easy and effortless solution to reap benefits.

Treasure hunt


Organise your own treasue hunt with our easy to use app, connecting malls, brands and communities for any occasion.



How to apply gamification in retail? Engage the customer in a story with augmented reality, QR and apps.